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As most people now have access to the internet through work, education or home computers, the trend for online communication is on the rise. With the Text The Romance Back increasing popularity of this method of creating relationships, http://www.nolimitly.com/2015/02/text-the-romance-back.html some people often do not take into account that this can be a fairly dangerous situation. However there are people and places on the internet to watch, as clearly shows my experience.

When I break from my work to my home computer, connected to a chat room and quickly took part in the discussion that took place there. Entered in such chat rooms occasionally but never continues the debate with someone outside the chat. I started chatting one day with a person of the opposite sex and a guy I used my nickname. I felt a strange connection with this person as I was talking with him. We had the same hobbies and activities. We had similar careers and also we are both married with children, having happy marriage. None of us had a complaint about the way of life, but both of our nature we did not have many friends to talk.

We talked a few more times after that and deal with more personal details about ourselves every time. At the end we exchanged photos and began corresponding and through email as well. I found rushing to the computer as soon as my husband was leaving for work every day and realized that I felt an attraction for this man. In the middle of a conversation one day this guy told me he was in love with me. The logical side of me, telling me that he was crazy. After all, you know just a few weeks. However in my subconscious aioroutan this thought, and I wanted to continue to talk with him.

Shortly thereafter, he began telling me to leave our families to be together. I decided it was time to stop this over online relationship, because I never had my order to meet this man in reality. So very simply and politely told him my opinion. That afternoon we received the first of a series of unanswered phone calls, until we had to change our phone number. Unfortunately, this was not enough for this person.

He rushed to inform my husband about the "adventure" of us. My husband and I finally got over the issue, but there may be always from now a shadow of mistrust between us. I have spoken with many people who assured me that this is not always the case in Internet relationships. However my experience mainly gave me a lesson and the only hope is that others will understand that no one is actually the one that shows through the internet.

Instructions to chat online with strangers on the safe side:

     Do not use your real name. Use a pseudonym.

     When you are in a line chat (chat line), leave blank your public profile. Only people who really "know" they need anyway this information.

     Never give out your address or phone number. Be suspicious when people give you their phone. Many use caller ID.

     Avoid sending your photo to others.

If you decide to allilografisete by email, create an account under a pseudonym, or an account that is not your real name. Many sites offer the ability to provide free accounts. Remember that you can give your real name after build relationships of trust with a person.

Text The Romance Back By Michael Fiore

     No matter how sincere one may show. It takes a long time to trust someone.

There are various types of problematic sexual relationships, the most common of which are:

      A. The coercive relations, which filed incredible energy, collected without anything special. In these relationships, there is a lot of tension, without, however, content. The combination of passion and sexuality shared by lovers creates small havens, but lacking all other emotions. The couple believes is very in love, as they share the euphoria that initially creates a sense of mutual dependence. In essence, it is not love, but a deep dependence and / or blind passion that negate even elementary logic. The relationship is not based on shared values and mutual respect, and, therefore, ends, almost always, with much pain.

Individuals creating intimacy addiction, do not usually think of the risks. The risk increases too feel the adrenaline, creating an intensely erotic and ecstatic mood. Logically, no one feels good, having the feeling that the relationship is in danger, but many have learned and connect the vicinity of the threat and mental and / or physical pain, and therefore attracted to people with whom the relationship contains these elements, feeling totally powerless to do something different ...

The coercive relationships usually begin without those involved to know, albeit slightly, between them. The expectations from each other is huge, and there are also parallel to the subconscious expectation that the relationship itself will be a miracle drug for any lack of personal ...

       B. The indifferent relations: relations are passive and the exact opposite of coercive. The indifferent relations are characterized by a strong desire to avoid any kind of conflict and pain. Those involved in such a relationship does not expect anything special from their partners. And when I do not expect anything, you risk not disappointed. At the same time, however, and does not invest in the relationship ...

      C. Forced / indifferent relations: these relations there is an alternation between forced and indifferent tone, ie between an obsession and an indifference. In the first case, there are peaks and precipices, and when the relationship ended feel both dissolved, alone and without any energy and appetite for new similar relationship. Often believe they will never fall in love again, while at the same time, they feel alone and addicted a relationship. Then, driving on the opposite end.

Once the wounds of their previous relationship begin to heal, become bored and feel impatience. The need for intensity and erotic passion hits red again, until one day will think again that they have met the One and Unique will awaken in them all their feelings of dead by then. Then, put an end to the safe but boring relationship, starting again a forced relationship with mathematical precision will lead to a new impasse ...

Text The Romance Back

Within a relationship is common to have different preferences, interests even values. But as there is respect and recognition, then the relationship will succeed. There must be a balance. But if the other person criticizing us because we are not very entertaining enthusiasts or party, then we feel bad and you begin to doubt ourselves. I'm really a boring person? It may be a person who can not be happy? Such questions can really do damage to your self-esteem. Our comrades must respect us and appreciate us. It is basic. Without respect, there can be no happiness.

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